Houserock Designs provides beautiful interior design, house renovation and furniture services within London, Essex & Witham, taking you through a stressfree process to get you a stunning space.


Your journey to an amazing space always begins with us talking through your options, how you currently use the space, and how you’d like to use it in the future. You can show me other spaces you like, and we can bounce ideas off each other, while I get to know you and your unique needs.


After our initial meeting, I will dive straight into planning your space. Using state of the art technology I develop floor grids and scale 3D room views, to show you exactly how your space is going to look, feel and flow.


Once the plan is finalised and agreed, I then can also can manage the project through the delivery, avoiding delays, pitfalls and costly mistakes that many projects can suffer. Then once it’s complete your beautiful space will be all yours forever.

Witham Office To House Conversion


In this project, a derelict office was acquired and it was not clear what to do with it. I spent a long time understanding the needs of a functional family house, then provided a bespoke plan to turn the house into a beautiful family home. I also then project managed the entire process, to make sure the house delivered everything that was needed in the plan, on time and on budget. As I was there from the start to the end I was able to make modifications, as inevitably the original plan wasn’t always what could work best, or be feasible within the budget.



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